Monday, March 26, 2012

Mobility for all

Some days ago, Carlos Ghosn, the Nissan President and CEO made an official statement that Datsun brand will be back in auto scene from 2014. He detailed the Datsun brand’s launch plans, which focus on optimistic up-and-coming customers in high-growth countries such as India, Indonesia, and Russia. Datsun has a long automotive history and makes part of Nissan’s heritage.
I was also thinking about this for some time now. I liked the concept of Tata Nano that was announced some years ago. A small city car that would cost less than 5000 Dollars with a reduce fuel consumption is something that we need right now and especially for emerging countries. Let's just take the situation in Ukraine. There are a lot of people that can’t afford themselves to buy a new car at all. In better case they can afford to buy themselves an 10 year old or more car that is completely obsolete. We do have indeed many Chinese car manufacturers that offer low prices cars on the market. And it seems that the quality of their cars becomes better. But I'm still sceptic about them.
And again: fuel consumption! The price of gasoline in Ukraine beats new records. At some gasoline stations, 1 litre of petrol A-95 costs 11,30 Gryvnas which is about 1,4 Dollars/1litre. Com'on! If we take into consideration our avarage month salary, that is about 2800 Gryvnas (350 Dollars), it's not very hard to imagine how expensive is for us to drive a car.
And it seems to be a huge market for ultra low cost car segment. According to Germany's Auto Bild, Romanian car manufacturer Dacia is also planning a ultra low cost city car that will cost about 5000 Euros. Volkswagen seems to be in the game too. Development chief of Volkswagen Ulrich Hackenberg told Germany's Auto Motor and Sport magazine about plans building ultra low cost cars for a price starting from 5000 Euros.
I'm very curios to see how things will drive further. But, "mobility for all" sounds very good.